Subic Bay ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup 16 

From 14 to 17 April 2016, 5 national athletes from Second Wind Academy were in Philippines for the Subic Bay ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, together with the rest of Team Singapore.

Athletes from the academy had a great outing:

Sumedha Lim was 1st in the Elite Men’s U23 standard distance race, and Christy Jeremia Suriadi came in 1st runner-up in her Junior Elite Women’s sprint distance race.

Bryce Chong and Zacharias Low, too, overcame the intense heat to finish in commendable 10th and 13th placings in their Junior Elite Men’s race.

Shuwie Chang, who focused her attention the past months on the postponed Tour de Bintan where she finished 5th in the general classifications, had a good race as well – she finished 7th.

Here are day-by-day photos of how the trip went for them.

Day 1 – 14 April 2016

The team touched down in Clark International Airport, Phillippines, on Thursday evening after a 4 hr flight.

The journey to the official hotel, Subic Holiday Villa, took another 1 hour.

The team fixed up their bike, had their dinner, and it was time for bed.

Day 2 – 15 April 16

The day started off with swim course familiarisation for the Junior Elites.

Following that was run course and bike course familiarisation, done on the bike.

It was lunch time by the time everyone got back to the hotel, but lunch had to wait – transition drills session took priority.

Lunch had to wait (again) – fun took priority too.

The day concluded with bike-check and race brief at the race expo.

Day 3 – 16 April 16

It was race day for the Elite Juniors.

Bryce got off to a quick start.

Christy found herself in third position all by herself after the swim, and eventually on the bike as well.

The guys were bunched up on the bike, and the peloton got bigger through the race as chase packs merged.

Zacharias had to dig down deep on the run to complete the race under the unforgiving sun.

Christy’s story was a slightly different one as she ran her way to the day’s best Elite Junior Women’s run time split.

If “ice bath” had an expression…

11 fractured bones, a brace, wheelchair, and 18 months later, Christy is on the podium.

The end of the Juniors Elites’ races meant the start of course familiarisation for the Elite Men and Women.

Shuwie and Jiayu shared a light-hearted moment in front of the camera as the familiarisation came to an end.

Day 4 – 17 April 16

Warm up for the Elites was done in the dark as both race organisers and athletes wanted to minimise time under the sun later.

0525hr: Sunrise meant the race is starting real soon.

Sumedha was first out of water in his category.

Shuwie came into T2 safely after riding solo the entire way.

Sumedha, in the lead, was apparently not having much fun on the run…

… unlike Shuwie…

… but he ultimately went home with a big smile (inside) too.

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