In January 2016, the Second Wind Academy assembled a small development triathlon team with the aspirations of fronting Singapore colours in the international junior and U23 triathlon circuit. The initial four-member squad comprised of three juniors, Bryce Chong, Zacharias Low and Jeremia Christy Suriadi and under-23 triathlete Sumedha Lim, and was headed by veteran triathlon and endurance coach Eugene Lee.

The objective of the team was to provide development triathletes a supportive training environment where they could work specifically towards draft-legal style of triathlon racing, in tandem with the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and Olympic Games, of which there has been very little emphasis and focus placed on this.

An exciting year for this young team as there were many first-time accomplishments, best performances and great learning opportunities through 2016.

Race Recaps

Subic Bay ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, Philippines, 16 th – 17 th April 2016
Jeremia Christy kicked off the Asian season opener with her first ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup podium in 2nd position and running away with the fastest run split in the field in the junior women category. Bryce and Zacharias finished in the top half of the field in the junior men’s race in 12th and 15th respectively. The following day, Sumedha made an early break in the swim and lead the standard distance race from start to finish and took his first ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup win for the U23 men’s category.

Bryce: 1:02.57 12/27
Zac: 1:03.41 15/27
Christy 1:12.49 2/8
Sumedha Lim 2:20.54 1/3 U23


Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships, Japan, 29th April 2016
The team headed back into Japan a week later for the ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships. Bryce and Zacharias finished in 18th and 23rd placing respectively out of the field of 43 of Asian’s top junior athletes. Jeremia Christy raced tenaciously to finish in 17th spot. The 3 athletes also formed part of the Singapore team with 2015 SEA Games represent Winona Howe in the super sprint distance mixed relay to finish in a better-than-expected 7th position at the team championships.

Bryce 18/43 1:01.22
Zacharias Low 23/43 1:04.53
Jeremia Chirsty 17/19 1:12.25

Tiszaujvaros ETU Junior European Cup, Hungary 9th July 2016
Bryce made his second appearance in Hungry this year and finished in 13th placed in the Semi-final 3 of the super sprint event, marginally missing out for the finals in the later afternoon. An improvement from his previous performance in 2015.

Bryce: 13/24 Semi Final 3 39:17

USAT Monroe Youth Elite Camp; Junior Elite Cup, USA, 18th June 2016
Jeremia Christy braved the rainy and cold conditions at Lake Tye Park to finish in overall 33rd in a field of 53 athletes deep in her first USAT Junior Elite Cup race in North America.

Christy: 1:08.56 33/53

Singapore ASTC Triathlon Cup, Singapore, 16th July 2016
This was one of those races where everything went wrong for everyone with Zacharias finishing 24th in the men’s junior race and Sumedha 29th in the men’s elite race. Jeremia Christy suffered a puncture on her first lap on the bike course and had withdrawn after. A huge learning experience for all.

Murakami ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, Japan, 25th September 2016
Bryce and Zacharias finished 34th in 1:56.15 and 45th in 1:59.55 respectively in a depth of 74 competitors. Both their performances were also the top two times over standard distance as well as the only Singaporeans who went under 2-hours for 2016. Personal best performances for both of them.

Bryce: 34/74 1:56.15
Zacharias 45/74 1:59.55

Hong Kong ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup, Hong Kong, 15th October 2016
Zacharias found himself in 28th position in a stellar field of 52 men in this sprint distance race and finished just ahead of 2015 SEA Games Bronze Medallist, fellow Singaporean Wille Loo. Sumedha struggled to find his arms and legs and eventually finished in 46th position.

Zacharias 28/52 1:06.26
Sumedha 46/52 1:13.34

Tongyeong ITU World Cup, Korea, 22nd October 2016
Jeremia Christy toed the line – the first Singaporean to ever do so. A combination of nerves, 18% gradients and a world class field of women got the better of her as she marginally missed the cut-off and was lapped out of the race – a huge learning curve and experience for her to move forward with.

Agadir ATU Triathlon African Cup, Morocco, 5th November 2016
We were unsure what made Zacharias decide to race this, but we are sure that he is the first and only Singaporean to date to compete at an African Cup. A small but highly competitive field, he finished in 2:11.08 and took 15th position.

Zacharias 2:11.08 15/16

Jeremia Christy was selected as an official member of the Asian Triathlon Confederation (ASTC) Team after her training stint at the ITU Development Continental Camp in Jincheon, Korea from the 21 st to 27th April 2016. She then returned to Tongyeong, Korea from 18th to 23 rd October 2016 in preparation to compete at the Tongyeong ITU World Cup.

Team ASTC provides funding and support to selected Asian athletes who has displayed a potential to compete at an international stage. The support comes in the form of centralised training camps and key competitions. The team is headed by Peter Clifford who works closely with the athletes and serves as a mentor to their respective coaches as well.

Athlete’s Reflection

ASTC Asian Champs SWA (9)

Bryce Chong
2016 has been a roller coaster ride for me. At the start of the year, I wasn’t performing very well. I felt like I was not in the game and was feeling pretty bad after my races, especially after Subic, which went very horribly. But after some mental strengthening and some encouragement from my parents, I finally got back up and was racing much better. Not all races that I do are perfect or I feel good about it but what I have learned is that no matter what happen, I can never give up because I sacrificed too much for my passion to give up on my dream.


Zacharias Low
2016 was a year full of learning. There were good results as well as races which could be further improved on. I liked the fact that I was able to peak for some key races such as asian championships as well as murakami asian cup, those were the races I counted as successful.


Christy Jeremia Suriadi
For me, this year was one of opportunities. I think planning and preparation early in the year put me in a pretty good position to seize and make the best out of the opportunities that came my way- like being selected to be a part of the Asian triathlon confederation development team (Team ASTC), racing in Asian champs, World Cup, receiving support by Specialized Singapore, Athlete Lab & SecondWind etc. Though a lot of times I felt like I was thrown in at the deep end, I learnt eons through those invaluable experiences and I’ve grown quite a bit as a triathlete! I’m excited to take on 2017.

Subic Bay ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup 16 (3)

Sumedha Lim
2016 has been a year of great learning and greater experiences. Stepping up from junior to u23 and Elite Men was a huge change in standards. The racing is much more aggressive, the technical skills are steps ahead and just being around the pros, especially world class athletes, just feels like a step up. Definitely the biggest high for me was the win at the Subic Bay ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup U23 Men race. Winning a continental level event is never easy at any age group, and having had to tackle the brutal bike course alone in the lead definitely was testing. But the feel of the first continental level win definitely boosted my confidence heading into the following races. However, my performances in the following 2 ITU sanctioned races in the year did not go as well, with a lack of preparation, due to a variety of factors, as well as poor decisions on race day. Lessons were learnt from those experiences, but I enjoyed my time spent with my friends and fellow athletes during our travels. Looking forward to next year, I’m hoping to scoop up more local races, as I’m restricted in my training and travelling due to NS unfortunately. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some good results and maintain my form for the duration of NS.

Parting from 2016

As we progress into 2017, the current team has doubled in size and we are looking at making a greater impact moving forward. To join our team, contact us by dropping us a mail.