Run Analysis

Run Analysis


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Understand your own running gait; we believe it’s one the most time-saving, cost-effective ways to stay injury-free and improve your run.

Who is this for: Run/triathlon enthusiasts

Duration: 2 x 1.5 hr sessions

Location: 79 Anson Rd #22-01, Singapore 079906 (Core Collective)

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar

To contact us: Call/text us at +65 81011060 or email us through wind[@]

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A sample session

Will a run analysis benefit you?

Unsure if you need a run analysis?

Find out through a free 5 min phone call consultation.

You can reach us at +65 8101 1060 or drop an email to wind[@] to schedule your phone call.

Your run analysis overview

The process consists of:

  1. Pre-analysis assessment
  2. Video analysis
  3. Movement retraining
  4. Recommendations and tips
  5. Follow up consultation (optional)

Pre-analysis assessment

You’ll be asked to fill up the pre-analysis assessment form before your session.

After you have filled up the form, our coach will get in touch with you to arrange for your session.

During the run analysis session, the coach will go through the form with you in further detail. This is to ensure he/she understands your needs and your body’s condition.

If you need to seek an expert’s advice on anything related to running, this is also your chance to ask questions.

Video analysis

Your running gait will be videoed from various angles.

The run analysis coach will walk through a breakdown of your videoed gait with you so that you can understand your own running better.

Movement retraining

After analysing your running gait together with you, the run analysis coach will advise you on how you can improve your run through drills, remedial strength and conditioning exercises, etc.

For the rest of the session, you will be guided on how to practise these exercises so that you can feel the improvement for yourself, and so that the coach can ensure you are doing them correctly.

Recommendations and tips

Within one working day of your session, your recorded run videos will be sent to you along with a short report stating the areas most critical for you to work on and what was recommended to help you improve.

Follow up consultation

You get a free 30 minutes consultation between 2 weeks and 3 months from your run analysis session.

Who to expect

You can expect people who pride ourselves on efficient and effective training methods backed by science.

You can find out more about Jing Zhi Chua, our coach who helms the run analysis service, through his LinkedIn.


Our run analysis service is trusted by and offered at Core Collective.

How soon can the session take place after signing up?

Depending on schedule alignment between the coach and yourself, this may take anywhere between a day and a month. 

Is there an expiry date to my sign up?

Yes, the session has to be carried out within three months of signing up. 

Beyond that, you will need to sign up for a separate session.  

Is it possible for me to postpone my session?

Yes, you are allowed to postpone your session once.

Beyond that, you will need to sign up for a separate session.  

Is it possible to do the session at our own private gym?

Yes, kindly contact us to make this request.

Do you analyse sprints starts?

At the moment, no.  

Is this a one-off session?

Yes, this is a one-off session. 

What is the follow up after the analysis?

You can either incorporate the prescribed drills and exercises during your own run training, or join our run squad if you feel more comfortable having guidance from the same coach who went through your run analysis with you. 

5 reviews for Run Analysis

  1. Melvin Wong

    Email testimonial reposted with permission:

    I was initially skeptical with the idea of gait analysis because I have done of those previously but failed to deliver anything more than I knew. Your session started with the usual treadmill analysis which was expected but the gains I get was the follow-up assessment of you termed as the neuro-kinetic chain.

    The observations were spot on with my foot placement and muscle group strength. Though I may not know the medical term for each muscle group, the exercises to address each weakness was simple and direct enough. It will justify why I am running in a certain way and how I can make micro adjustments to refine how I can cover the ground better. Very pleased with the experience and fingers crossed I am disciplined to execute the exercises. Thank you!

  2. Lili Tilarsih

    It’s very revealing when I know Jing Zhi spotted my problems in my running. He evaluates all from my running form until which muscle that I need to activate more.

    He gave me tips and educate me with good source of knowledgeable information in exercise and experience.

    He will take you in depth to know your recent performance and give insights that will impacts your future performance. As a result you will get the best source and solutions to understand your movements better in sports especially running!

    Very recommended to have a session with him. Ps: he might take you on a video to show before after exercise so will give you more understanding about your natural movement. Thanks Jing Zhi!

  3. Joe Hanney

    Immediately felt in good hands once I was informed the assessment was from head to toe.

    I’ve had running assessments done in the past which felt like I was just being made to buy their trainers.

    This was very different. Very thorough! And indeed my muscle fatigue and joint discomfort had nothing to do with my trainers!!

    Looking forward to making the adjustments suggested and seeing how I manage the Berlin Marathon in September.

    Thanks Jing Zhi, your knowledge and experience are second to none!

  4. Tiffany Leng

    I gained a lot from this run analysis session because I learnt that running is more than putting one foot forward but the small intricate details such as alignment and not overusing a certain muscle.

    Jing Zhi, the person who conducted the run analysis, is knowledgeable and helpful. After the run analysis, he gave me a few specific strengthening exercises that I can do to improve my running form.

    Would highly recommend this run analysis for runners who are looking to improve your running form and/ or performance. I personally think that it is better to know the errors you are commiting early so as to prevent injury in the long run.

  5. Brendan Adriel

    Run analysis was super insightful I not only was able to correct my running form but also learnt the causes of it and how i could correct it with stretches and strengthening.

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