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Steven Quek wrote the first marathon training book tailored to Singaporeans

When was the last time you sought marathon training advice from a local source? If it wasn’t from your seasoned marathoning friends, it was probably from an international source, most probably from our Western friends. Jack Daniels has a running formula named after him. Runner’s World offers a few training plans for different ability levels. But not everything in the Western world can be

By |August 20th, 2019|Running|

Amidst a legal storm, Soh Rui Yong keeps his cool

This isn't the first time that two-time SEA Games marathon champion Soh Rui Yong has courted controversy in the media spotlight. But it's the first time that the legal system has been involved, whether he's on the receiving end (over the validity of Ashley Liew's sportsmanship award) or the other (Soh is suing national organisations for lack of transparency). Soh made headlines daily since

4 things to look for before you invest in a run analysis

Let's face it. Run analyses aren't the cheapest around. But these analyses can go a long way in keeping those nagging injuries at bay, or even uncover why that seemingly chronic pain just won't go away. More people in the sports/healthcare field are incorporating gait analysis into their skillset to set themselves apart in the increasingly saturated industry. So how do you know who

Ahmad Arif Ibrahim earned a SEA Games nomination – during Ramadan

Educity, MALAYSIA – After crossing the finish line at the Triathlon Singapore mixed relay trial on Saturday morning, Ahmad Arif Ibrahim, went back to his room to sleep without drinking or eating. Racing while fasting may seem contradictory to some. Not for Arif. He competed in both the triathlon and duathlon mixed relay trials, qualifying for the latter with his second place finish on

New faces notch SEA Games nominations at the Triathlon Singapore mixed relay trials

The only time the Singapore juniors had a taste of their regional competition was when they travelled to the ASTC cups in the Philippines, Japan, sometimes Australia. The biggest stage that the male juniors, Nicholas Rachmadi and Luke Chua, ever competed at was the ITU Junior World Triathlon Championships. By the bike leg, they were in a different league from the rest of their

Dream chasing far from home

“I want to win the SEA Games and be the first Singaporean triathlete at the Olympics,” said Herlene Yu, 17. “I want to compete at the Kona Ironman World Championships,” said Phoebe Kee, 18. I want. Two powerful words that inspired two girls to dream big. Both of them left the ‘A’ Level system after a year to start a new life in Australia.

Vera Wah clinches first National Schools Cross Country title in her swan song

Since 2015, Vera Wah never finished outside the top three at the National Schools Cross Country Championship. Every time she made a run for the title, new rivals rose to the challenge. On Wednesday morning at Bedok Reservoir, well after 9 am under a blistering sun, Wah broke the tape first in the  'A' Division. She'd finally broken the curse. Wah earned double honours

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