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Our Difference

Undivided Attention

In 30 minutes, we will discuss your issues and help you progress.

Improve Faster

We believe one-to-one mentoring is the fastest way to help you improve.

Personalised Journey

Everyone grows differently, which is why we believe in customising your experience.


Cheval Lim

Certified Personal Trainer

Jing Zhi Chua

Running & Triathlon Coach

Our Values


Understanding that everyone is going through their own battles, empathising, having the desire to help, and assisting skillfully.


Constantly improving thyself.


Thinking what’s best not just for us or for the customers, but for the swimming, cycling, and running community as a whole.

Our Dedicated Charity

CRF is a registered charity that empowers people to make more humane, healthy and sustainable choices through advocacy, education and engagement.

CRF resonates with Second Wind Nation’s vision to build a more compassionate world through sports media, coaching, and events.


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