Three years ago, we started Second Wind Magazine for a simple reason: to help the local swim bike run community grow, by being a magazine that was dedicated to features and news from and about the community.

The following year, we furthered our cause to grow the community by starting an academy that concentrated its efforts on developing budding athletes.

Today, we are merging both media and coaching services into a single platform to create a consolidated online resource for all things swim bike run, aimed at serving the community even better. Efforts will be more focused on this platform, providing better news, features, and professional personalised training, and plans are underway for Second Wind Nation to become your one-stop resource platform for your swim bike run needs in the long run.

What you see here at is a new site that allows us to easily add more features in the future, and it marks the first merger phase of and

Also in this phase, Second Wind Magazine’s social media pages are rebranded as Second Wind Nation, and we will cease activity on Second Wind Academy’s social media pages.

In the next phase, we will be introducing more targeted coaching services aimed at growing the varying levels of the community through Second Wind Nation.

The goal for the company has always been to provide a Second Wind for our community – a ‘renewed energy for a fresh breakthrough.’

During this transition, we took the opportunity to re-evaluate the values that are integral to us as a company upon which we wanted to build our team around. Compassion, self-betterment, and being community-oriented thus formed our core values at Second Wind Nation.

To provide better support for the community, a team aligned to these values and goals was assembled.

The team which comprises Alan Grant, Eugene Lee, and Poh Shen is recently joined by Romaine Soh, Chris Stauffer, Chua Yew Wee, Tan Jian Hao, and Melissa Wang.

The first thing we would like to do is to engage you and the rest of our community further. We seek your understanding that there might be some teething issues at this initial phase, but encourage you to be a part of this growing process.

Please drop us any comments you have on our new site, our current services, what you might like to see in the future, and other general feedback here.