Ever wondered how the elite athletes manage to be a cusp above the rest?

Our new series, “Chasing New Summits,” will feature regular journal entries by these elites as they share their training log and let you in on how much blood, sweat and tears they’ve shed to accomplish their goals.

Kickstarting this series is Singapore’s first double SEA Games marathon gold medalist and national champion Soh Rui Yong. Come February 26, Soh will share his workouts on a weekly basis in his lead up the 2018 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships (March 24) and the 2018 Ottawa Marathon (May 27), in which he aims to break the national records.

Follow the aspiring Olympian’s journey as he chases new summits! Who knows – you could be the next one to traverse the summit as well!

(Fellow athletes! Are you chasing your own summits as well and want to share the experience with your fan base and more? This column is the space you’re looking for! Drop us a note.)