Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

Over the labour day weekend, athletes from the academy, Bryce Chong, Zacharias Low and Christy Jeremia Suriadi, were in Hiroshima, Japan.

They were part of Team Singapore’s contingent at the Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016. The team also included Shane Tan and Winona Howe.

The following is a recap of their races:

29th April 2016 

First up, on Day 1 of racing, was the Junior Men Elite’s race.

Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

Sunrise at 5.34am – time for action soon.

Zac got off to a good start on his favourite part of the race – eating.

The temperature for the day was around 18°C, and slightly colder in the morning.

6.30am – Athletes got on their way to the race site in a bus provided. Zac was sleepy but couldn’t sleep.

The bus dropped athletes off at T2, which was also the end point. After setting up their transition area, athletes took a 25mins walk to T1.

At T1, athletes went through their wetsuit checks and warm up, amongst other preparations.

8.25am – The race was about to start and Zac was laser-focused for his first race with a wetsuit swim.

Not Bryce though.

Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

8.30am – The race got off to a wonky start.

After 10m8s, Bryce was out of the water.

Following was Zac, 31s behind.

Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

Bryce found himself in a pack of 7 on the bike course, which featured an 8% gradient 500m climb up Hatsukaichi Bridge.

Zac was right behind, together with two Filipinos.

31m on the bike later, Bryce was on the run. For most parts, he looked too cool for someone in a sprint distance race. He ultimately finished in 1:01:22.

Zac had a good run too (his fastest run off the bike till date (yay!)), and finished in 1:04:53.

Results for their race can be found here.

30th April 2016 

Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

Kicking off Day 2 was the Women Junior’s race, and more beautiful sights.

Christy was Singapore’s only representative for the race.

The guys, having finished their race the previous day, were looking pretty chill.

Christy was about to feel the chill too – like Zac, it was her first race with wetsuit swim. 14.8°C was the water temperature.

Out of the swim, Christy’s hands were numb and she struggled getting out of her wetsuit.

After spending 1:34 at T1, she was onto the bike course. For most parts, she worked with Marga Delos Reyes from Philippines.

Christy would eventually finish strong, capping off a 1:12:25 performance with a 20:12 run.

The results for her race can be found here.

1st May 2016

Day 3 of racing and the very last event was mixed relay. Everyone was a little tired. Even the lifesaver looked like he needed a lifesaver.

Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

Singapore’s line-up for the relay: Christy, Zac, Winona, and Bryce. After Christy’s effort, the team had much to catch up on.

Thankfully, Zac put in an extraordinary effort to pull the team up by up a few positions.

Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

Winona, who race the U23 Women’s Elite race the previous day, did her part to maintain the team’s position.

Hatsukaichi ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships 2016

And Bryce anchored the team to a better-than-expected 7th position.

Results for relay can be found here.

Photos credit: @jingzhi.chua