Second Wind (noun):

 renewed energy for a fresh breakthrough.

About Second Wind Nation

We are your Southeast Asia swim bike run guide.

Our vision is a more compassionate world through sports and technology.


Core values


Understanding that everyone is going through their own battles, empathising, having the desire to help, and assisting skillfully.


Constantly improving thyself.


Thinking what’s best not just for us or for the customers, but for the swimming, cycling, and running community as a whole.

Our team

Alvin Ho, Multimedia Editor

BA Hons Communication Studies
IVP Track and Field medallist

Romaine Soh, Editorial Editor

Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism
National runner

Jing Zhi Chua, Founder

BSc. Project and Facilites Management
Ex Commando Regular Officer

Our story


Founded in 2015 as a part-time passion project to give back to the sport, Second Wind Nation has evolved from a free magazine to what it is today with the help of our supporters.


In 2019, our team made the leap to work on Second Wind Nation full-time, with the intention of growing it into a regional service for the swim bike run community.


Today, Second Wind Nation is the fastest growing swim bike run media in South East Asia, with in-house niche service providers who double up as content creators.

Our logo, a phoenix, symbolises rebirth, which is the embodiment of second wind.

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