Ahmad Arif Ibrahim earned a SEA Games nomination – during Ramadan

Educity, MALAYSIA – After crossing the finish line at the Triathlon Singapore mixed relay trial on Saturday morning, Ahmad Arif Ibrahim, went back to his room to sleep without drinking or eating. Racing while fasting may seem contradictory to some. Not for Arif. He competed in both the triathlon and duathlon mixed relay trials, qualifying for the latter with his second place finish on

New faces notch SEA Games nominations at the Triathlon Singapore mixed relay trials

The only time the Singapore juniors had a taste of their regional competition was when they travelled to the ASTC cups in the Philippines, Japan, sometimes Australia. The biggest stage that the male juniors, Nicholas Rachmadi and Luke Chua, ever competed at was the ITU Junior World Triathlon Championships. By the bike leg, they were in a different league from the rest of their

Dream chasing far from home

“I want to win the SEA Games and be the first Singaporean triathlete at the Olympics,” said Herlene Yu, 17. “I want to compete at the Kona Ironman World Championships,” said Phoebe Kee, 18. I want. Two powerful words that inspired two girls to dream big. Both of them left the ‘A’ Level system after a year to start a new life in Australia.

Vera Wah clinches first National Schools Cross Country title in her swan song

Since 2015, Vera Wah never finished outside the top three at the National Schools Cross Country Championship. Every time she made a run for the title, new rivals rose to the challenge. On Wednesday morning at Bedok Reservoir, well after 9 am under a blistering sun, Wah broke the tape first in the  'A' Division. She'd finally broken the curse. Wah earned double honours

Staff blog: Doing our part for the environment through sports

Even before founding Second Wind Nation, sports were powerful vehicles for my intentions. When I set a goal, maintaining fitness for example, at the end of the workout, I was one step closer to achieving it. Sometimes, when I had a key race, my entire lifestyle revolved around that single intention. But what if the intention is to be more eco-friendly? The connection between sports

From hospital bed to ‘A’ Division 800m champion

Close finishes aren’t a foreign concept to Phoebe Tay. In 2017, Tay held on to win her first 800-metre title just 0.06s ahead of the runner-up. On a cloudless Monday morning at Choa Chu Kang Stadium, that difference wasn’t quite as close – she won in 2:31.98, just 0.33s ahead of silver medalist Vera Wah. Nonetheless, it was the “most painful 100m” Tay had

From recreational multisport athlete to top-ranked half-marathoner

Even though Serena Teoh took up sports as an extracurricular for most of her school life, she never fully identified as an athlete. Ironic, considering that the 31-year-old recorded Singapore’s second-fastest half marathon time of 1 hour 22 minutes 7 seconds at the Gran Canaria Half Marathon in January. (Earlier reports listed Teoh as the unofficial half marathon record holder when she surpassed Mok

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